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What are E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites help a business owner sell products or services online. The business can be in the offline
business of selling the same products locally for long, can be a new startup who wants to gent into selling

Businesses can sell their own products online or tie up with other vendors to sell their products on a profit
margin. Some businesses can start a multi vendor E-Commerce website and add vendors who sell their products using
the website.

Are you ready for the E-Commerce Store? Things you should ask your self before getting into this business.

  • Do I have a business plan ready? A E-Commerce portal is just a website.
  • Have you done your home work on the
    business model you are going to select. Making a website is easy. Managing the business is difficult.
  • Do you have the Delivery / Shipment company ready. Have you done the feasibility check if hiring a logistic company
    is profitable.
  • Where are you selling. Selling locally is much easier than starting your E-Commerce for all India locations. Logistics arrangement for the latter is much complex.

These are some of the many questions that you should go through. Talk to friends, experienced people in the same
industries, CAs for accounting queries, Lawyers for the terms and conditions and most important – talk to a
logistics company who will do the deliery (Unless you have man power to handle deliveries)

Types of E-Commerce Solutions

  • Single Vendor E-Commerce Website – You already have an offline store and you want to get into selling online. Perfect solution for clothing shops who have stock of clothes, Gifts vendors who deal in corporate gifting solutions. All you need is a perfect business plan, an e-commerce website to do all online transactions and delivery boys for delivery at local (city level), for multi city, there are many logistics companies who will be happy to do the delivery on your behalf.
  • Multi Vendor E-Commerce Solutions – These websites creates a platform for the local sellers to sell their products online using your website. Your Website should have the workflow in place for the Logistics as shipments can get very tricky. Sellers will have the admin access on the site where they can add / delete / modify products and services and the pricing. A mobile application is always preferred with a multiple vendor websites.
Sunbird Consulting Services has all the expert teams needed to help you develop the above websites. Contact us for your requirement.

Single Vendor E-Commerce Website General Modules

  • Profile Management System (Admin | Customers): This section will provide different access levels to the Customers and Admin.
  • Service / Product Management System: Option to Add Product, Delete Product, Modify
  • Product Description/Image
  • Service / Products Searching Options along with predictive search facility (Option to shortlist products by filtering through options)
  • Order Management System: ( This system will manage all customer orders)
  • Inventory Management System: ( This system will take care of the quantity of the product in your stock and will notify you once the product gets out of stock )
  • Shopping Cart to store the products that users have selected (Name Cart, Save Cart, Email cart to Customers, Move items from one cart to another)
  • Notification System to notify Customers when they duplicate orders.
  • Online Payment Management System.
  • Shipping Management Systems, etc. (Physical Products)

Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website General Modules

All the above modules with more admin access – Admin, Sellers, Logistics Vendors and Customers.

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