Why Content is most Important in 2019

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Importance of content

Ever since internet has made its way into mainstream and people have realized that it is the future, content has had an important role to play. It has always been a crucial factor in the growth of a website or business online.  Role of content per se has not changed, what has changed is the way it is being viewed and assessed by search engines as well as visitors.

I remember the time I was exploring the mysteries of Internet, dabbling with HTML to build my own website, exchanging links with site in the same niche to get better ranking in early 2000. During those days, blogs were not so popular & common. There were fewer websites, completion was nowhere close to what it is today, people were still at the stage where they were learning the knack to judge and trust websites.

During those days, 400 words content would also be unique and attract views and visitors; it would be considered by spiders to index various pages of your website and rank the site higher for your preferred search terms. In those days, Keyword Tag was still an important part of Meta Tags. Today it is passé and spiders have become way too intelligent.  And content was content, purely written words.

With time technology evolved. Competition increased with more websites launched. When websites increased the amount of content on the internet also went up.  As a result, definition of content changed. Now content also meant images, tables, info-graphics, etc. Anything that conveyed a message, not necessarily through words was counted as content by SE.

Whats happening in 2019?

And now number of websites is rising faster than population and the amount of content is huge. Authoritative sites where conversations are happening big time and back links far too many, only on those sites, even smaller content attracts views. Now content that is supposed to work in 2019 will generally have to be lengthy and solid, full of information.

Having said that it does not mean smaller content size is going to be rendered useless. Small unique posts are still going to hold the power to take the websites high, pulling up its ranking. But what solid content are we talking about in 2019. Everything we can think about has been written about! We often wonder, what’s left? Well, a lot is left.

Posts which include your experience will do well in 2019. Posts that have a personal take on the issue you’re writing about are going to be winner. Your experiences are always going to be your own; nobody can ever copy those from you, no matter what. And what’s best is that only you can write about it! That’s the big truth that will stand you in good stead through 2019. Create personalized posts. Include your experiences; let your own view shine through your post and move forward.

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